Top reasons to do business with Ouray

  • A wide variety of products – Men’s, Women’s, Youth, Headwear, and Bundled Items.
  • A wide variety of prices to meet your needs.
  • On time delivery!
  • Low minimums to strategically manage your inventory.
  • Reorders ship in FIVE business days!
  • High quality fabrics, design, and construction.
  • Incredible graphics for the professional, impactful look you want.


Facilities and Equipment

  • Screen Print

    Ouray utilizes 7 top of the line, MHM Automatic Screen Print Presses. The largest press uses up to 10 colors while still allowing room for flash driers. This allows for clean, crisp images on the highest quality garments.

    Tajima Embroidery Machines
  • Embroidery

    Over 150 Tajima Embroidery heads allow for consistent, large volume production runs. Combined with expert digitizing and experienced machine operators, you can be assured of excellent results. We deliver quality embroidery on superior products.

    Tajima Embroidery Machines
  • Laser Cutting

    Ouray has the ability to cut detailed images from soft materials for various applications. Our state of the art Lasers allow us to create Tackle Twill lettering and unique appliques.

    Tajima Embroidery Machines
  • Cap Steamer/Blocker

    A good cap presentation is made possible by our Steamer / Blocker machines. Every cap is decorated and then steamed and packed ready to go in perfect shape. This service ensures your caps will be consistently shaped correctly and more saleable.

    Tajima Embroidery Machines
  • Roland Digital Printing

    We have the capacity to print high quality images digitally and imprint to a variety of materials. Our Roland digital press gives us many new decorating possibilities.
























Screen Printing Techniques

  • 4-Color CMYK Printing

    We have spent countless hours refining and adapting our process to support high quality 4-Color CMYK reproductions.

  • 6+ Color Simulated Printing

    With so many garment color options, sometimes a transparent CMYK print won't do.  For darker garment colors Ouray has the ability to produce Simulated Color Separations up to 10 colors while retaining adequate room for flash dry between colors.

  • Abstract Placement

    We offer abstract placement options such as over the collar printing, oversized printing, printed neck labels and more!

  • Foiling

    Ouray offers a number of foiling options. From bright metallic finishes to subtle tonal flair we have an option for your foiling needs.

  • Gel Printing

    Clear gel alone adds a great tonal "wet" look to prints. Or it can be used to add a glossy coat to any color ink.

  • Glitter/Crystalina

    We stock multiple glitter inks for that bling look. Imagine if you will, a white tee with silver foil, soft hand neon pink and some crystalina to top it off. Vegas baby!

  • Puff Plastisol

    Puff ink is used in place of expensive and time consuming high density printing. This is great when used for faux stitching effects.

  • Soft Hand Plastisol

    Soft hand printing provides that rustic faded look and a soft feel to prints. Undoubtedly the favorite style of our artists and customers alike!

Embroidery Techniques

    3D Embroidery
  • 3D Foam Embroidery

    Want to add some extra depth? Go 3D on cap designs and see how it really stands out! This process involves layering stitching over a soft inner foam.

  • Sublimation Printed Twills

    We stock a number of pre-printed dye sublimation materials in different patterns. This provides a unique detailed image on the fabric, which is then applied to the final product with embroidery. Custom sublimation is an option for large volume orders. Speak to your Ouray representative for details.

  • Washed Twill

    Let's face it, we're known for our sueded fleece hoods and sweats. What better way to accentuate that than with a soft, washed twill embellishment.

  • Material Applique

    Applique adds a sophisticated look to heavier garments such as crews, hoods and fashion pieces. Caps are also enhanced by the use of applique materials. We use high quality poly twills and felt material to create exceptional fashion images.  Let us show you the many different styles of applique from clean edges, to washed and worn looks.

  • Multi-Process

    Taking our Tackle Twill and Washed twill to the next level is our multi-process decoration. This combines our screen printing and embroidery techniques into the ultimate decorated piece.
























Applique Techniques

    3D Embroidery
  • Digital Applique

    This process allows us to decorate products which are light weight or traditionally difficult to embroider or screen print.  The advantage is a clean, detailed image with great durability.

  • Digital Applique on Applique

    We are constantly searching for new ways to decorate in creative ways. Shown here is a Digital Applique applied to a Twill Applique. This allows a detailed artistic image to be printed and placed on the product in a traditional way, without the limitations of stitches. A sophisticated look with better resolution.

  • Woven Applique/Applique

    Along with our standard stitched applique, we offer a variety of methods to decorate. Woven applique is a great option because it gives a lot of detail in a small clean image. It can be applied directly or we can apply a felt under-material and place the woven label on top to create a layered look, as you see featured here.