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Ouray operates in a 114,000 sq. ft. facility located in Englewood, Colorado. With over 200 team members and 75 independent sales representatives, Ouray is built to offer great service to its customers. The facility is equipped with 176 embroidery heads and 13 state-of-the-art automatic screen print presses.

F& C Screen PRint.jpg

Ouray utilizes 13 top of the line, MHM Automatic Screen Print Presses. The largest press uses up to 10 colors while still allowing room for flash driers. This allows for clean, crisp images on the highest quality garmets.

Screen Print

F& C Embroidery.jpg

With 176 embroidery heads configured in 4, 8 and 12 station Tajima machines, Ouray has the flexibility to produce consistent, large volume runs as well as low minimum orders efficiently.  Combined with expert digitizing and experienced machine operators, you can be assured of excellent results.


F& C Laser Cut.jpg

Ouray has the ability to cut detailed images from soft materials for various applications. Our state of the art Lasers allow us to create Tackle Twill lettering and unique appliques.

Laser Cutting

F& C dig print.jpg

We have the ability to print high quality, full color images digitally printed onto various substrates.  This technique enables us to recreate very fine details of custom logos that can then be applied to headwear and apparel.

Roland Digital Printing

F& C heat press.jpg

Patches, Digital Appliques, Flexible Dig Apps, and EZ Twill are all applied using heat and compression.  These decoration techniques offer more detail and specialized placements that cannot be achieved with traditional embroidery.  Plus, the inside of the garment will not have embroidery backing resulting in a clean, finished look.

Heat Compression Transfer

F& C block.jpg

Caps can get pretty beat up during the embroidery process and sometimes show up looking a mess!  At Ouray, every cap is blocked and steamed prior to shipping.  This service ensures your caps will be retail ready to maximize sell-through. 

Cap Steamer/


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