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5 Tips to Help Kids Navigate Masks

Back to school is right around the corner and many institutions have already put rules in place for their students and staff to wear face masks. While this is a safe and healthy option, any caregivers can tell you that having a small child wear a mask for even five minutes is a hassle. That is why we did the research for you and have some tips and tricks on how to ensure all the young loved-ones in your life stay safe once classes start.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

As much as you can, practice with your child on how to put the mask on and wear it throughout the day. Practice by wearing a mask at home as they complete school related tasks. This way they will be used to coloring, writing, and doing class assignments with a mask on. Practice wearing masks outside, at the grocery store, restaurants and more. It may take awhile for them to adjust, but the more they wear the mask then the faster they will get used to it.

2. Make it Fun!

Grab a pack of blank masks and encourage your child to decorate them! Make a family project out of it by using tie-dye, fabric paint and markers, iron-ons, and gems. Cut off the loops or stings and sew on some ribbons to add some color and flair. Remind your child that superheroes also wear masks, and use their favorite hero as inspiration. Not one for designing, but still want the comfort and versatility of a Tultex mask? Check the “tagged” section on our Instagram page for a variety of design companies that are decorating on our blank masks.

Another way to add some fun is to play with the masks on. Pretend to be surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists or even veterinarians! Not only will these activities provide some fun, but your child is more likely to show off and wear a mask they had fun in and designed themselves.

3. Do it Together

It’s no secret that your child looks to you for guidance. If they see you wearing a mask, they are more likely to also wear one. This is especially important for young children. Seeing you and any other guardians or family members wearing masks, the face covering won’t seem as scary. Lead by example and explain that the masks are there to keep everyone safe.

4. Make it Comfortable

Even masks that are made specifically for youth, may not be comfortable for your child. Listen to their discomforts and work to correct them the best you can. We suggest buying our 78060 Premium Pleated Face Mask because of its comfort and versatility. These masks easily adjust to fit you and your child’s comfort preferences.

5. Be Patient

It takes time to teach young children something new. Be sure to answer any questions they have with simple and positive answers. Explaining the “why” behind the masks can also help encourage their use. A great example is to relate wearing a mask to a superhero! Superheroes wear masks and help keep citizens safe from the bad guys. This is the same for why we wear masks, to help keep other people safe from getting sick. Continue to encourage and explain about the “why” and your child will feel supported as well as informed enough to wear masks throughout the day.

Have any tips and tricks of your own that we missed? Please share them in the comments below to help others with the little ones in their lives. To stock up on our variety of versatile and comfortable face masks, follow the links below!


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