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6 Ways to Wear our Pleated Mask (and Counting!)

Our 78060 Pleated Face Masks are the most comfortable and versatile masks on the market because they adjust perfectly to fit your lifestyle. They are designed to fit most sizes from adult to youth. These masks are perfect to wear to work, everyday errands and for your kids to wear to school. Reusable, ultra-soft, breathable and ideal for everyday wear.

Our mission is to keep you safe and comfortable while you work, shop and go about your day. This innovative mask perfectly adapts to fit your lifestyle while keeping you safe. There’s more than one way to wear our Pleated Mask and we complied them for you.

1. Bow-Tied

The classically simple way to put our Pleated Mask on is to tie the two top and two bottom strings horizontally around your head. Women with longer hair can pull the mask down to their neck and then back up under their hair. This will keep the mask on and your hairstyle intact.

2. Add Grommets

Use grommets to create adjustable bands that keep the mask up and off your ears. Grommets can be found at most craft stores, press the spring activated button and lace the strings through. Your mask can now instantly adjust to your comfort level.

3. Cross-Tied

Just like how people are all different shapes and sizes, so are their heads. Try diagonally tying the top left string to the bottom right and the reverse on the other side to create a criss-cross pattern on the back of your head. Many people have found this method more comfortable and formfitting to the shape of their face rather than the original horizontal tie method.

4. Create Loops

Do you love our pleated mask but wish they had loops? Does your long hair get caught in the ties? Knot the top ties to the bottom ties and create perfectly sized loops that fit your face. Use scissors and trim the excess fabric.

5. Resized for Youth

Although our masks are designed to fit most adults and children, there are those who require a smaller mask. Make an accordion style fold on each side. Then wrap one of the strings fully around the edge of the fold and tie a knot with the other string. Tie additional knots to create ear loops or tie the remainder of the strings around their head to keep it secure.

6. Add Elastic

Prefer the stretchy adjustability of elastic ear loops? Don’t compromise your safety and comfort for a discount mask. Cut the tie strings off and sew elastic pieces on each side to create two ear loops. The elastic can be found at most craft stores and is a much more cost effective way to get the perfect face mask.

Shop the 78060 Pleated Mask as well as all of our face mask offerings online now.

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